Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In Memory of Sheldon Brown

It's been two days now since Sheldon passed and news travels fast in the information age. This is old news by now but I thought I’d take a moment.

When I decided to start this blog the initial thing I did was the link section. The first link I put up was to Sheldon Brown. I've been too busy to build this blog into anything worth reading yet but not too busy to stop and acknowledge Sheldon. I never met him and I won't pretend disingenuously to be associated to him in any personal way as often people do when someone leaves the earth but I will say this:
I don't know that much about bikes except that I like to ride them. A great deal of what I do know I learned from reading his website. Sound familiar?

Many of us spent hours pouring over the vast amount of wisdom he shared with us on his site and most of us are better cyclists in some way because of it.

Thank you Sheldon.